Tune-ups protect your heating system from unforeseen and costly problems!










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Services We Offer







Customer satisfaction is paramount to the Murphy Fuel family, which is the reason we offer the following services:


  • Automatic Oil Delivery
  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Equipment Installations, Replacements, and Repairs
  • Oil to Gas Conversions
  • Price Caps
  • Comprehensive Service Contracts
  • Live Representatives




Save Precious Time ... money ... and energy with a Tune-Up!


Like All Precision machinery, your home's heating system needs periodic Tune-ups in order to keep it running at peak efficiency. It's easy to arrange for a convenient appointment and once you do it, you'll be glad you did!


Frequent tune-ups will help you:

  • Save money by reducing the amount of fuel your system uses
  • Conserve energy, which is good for our environment
  • Help find problems before they become expensive, inconvenient repairs.


We're here to help ensure your family's comfort with affordability. Our service technicians are trained and re-trained to expertly maintain your system!

Please give us a call to arrange a visit, to tune up your system.





Upgrade your heating system and enjoy the savings ... safety and security!


Your old system could be wasting precious energy dollars and denying your family maximum heating comfort.

  • Today's new oil heat appliances are cleaner with near-zero emissions
  • Modern equipment boasts effective ratings up to 95%
  • with an equipment upgrade, you could save up to 25% or more in heating and hot water costs.
  • Your new system will operate at peak performance giving you energy conservation and more dependability than ever before.


    New Oil-powered equipment is cleaner burning and more efficient than ever before!

    Gallons of fuel burned per year (billions) in average oil heated homes:


    1973 1,294
    2001 833


    This represents 6 billion fewer gallons per year for all oil heated homes in the US!


    We'll be happy to help you to determine the most appropriate equipment for your home, your budget, and your lifestyle ... and you can depend upon us to expertly install your new equipment neatly and confidently. Plus, you already know us - Murphy fuel stands behind our work!


    Please give us a call, so we can discuss the many options available to you. In the meantime, you might want to think about what you will do with all of your energy savings!